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When you have no healthy teeth left you’ve lost more than your smile—you’ve lost your quality of life. You can’t speak without embarrassment. You can’t eat anything but the softest foods. You have little self-confidence. We can give you back everything you lost—your teeth, your self-esteem, your enjoyment of foods—and even help you discover a new level of confidence you didn’t know was possible. Our renowned team has transformed the lives of countless happy, grateful patients with full mouth dental implants in Plainview, Massapequa, and Levittown, NY.

Made up of eight oral and maxillofacial surgeons, our team has a deep understanding of the oral and facial anatomy and impeccable credentials. Each of us completed a minimum of four years of advanced specialty training including full mouth dental implant surgery. In addition, three members of our team are dual-degreed as medical doctors. This treatment involves the calculated surgical placement of four or more dental implants into the jawbone, uniquely tailored to the individual needs of every patient. To ensure lasting success, we leverage 3D surgical planning from precise CT scans of your mouth, our in-house 3D printer for custom guides, and state-of-the-art nSequence® technology for precision, error-free implant placement. All of this is combined to provide a comfortable, confident, predictable treatment process and the ability to offer teeth-in-a-day solutions, so you can leave our office the day of surgery with a fully functional set of teeth. You won’t find a more capable practice for your smile rehabilitation.

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Full Mouth Solutions

Dentures are a time-tested solution to missing teeth that many patients welcome. They generally produce good results and are considered an economical option. They do have some disadvantages, however. They can slip out of place, irritate your gums, and limit your enjoyment of food. Implant supported dentures don’t cause those issues. They’re held firmly in place by implants and allow you to eat practically anything you want. The best overall total tooth replacement option, though, is full mouth dental implants. This treatment uses four or more dental implants to secure a natural-looking bridge of teeth. Because implants are placed directly into the jawbone, they act like natural teeth, restoring full function and even preventing the jawbone from receding (what commonly causes loose dentures). They’re the longest-lasting, and most realistic-looking method of tooth replacement available today. Compare them below and then see if you’re a candidate with a consultation!

Will limit my diet?: YESWill limit my diet?: MAYBEWill limit my diet?: NO
Are relines or adhesives required?: YESAre relines or adhesives required?: NOAre relines or adhesives required?: NO
Will it protect my jawbone?: NOWill it protect my jawbone?: YESWill it protect my jawbone?: YES

Three-Stage Smile Restoration

Stage 1: Consultation and Qualification
We can establish if you qualify for dental implants through a consultation. This gives our team the opportunity to learn your smile goals and perform a comprehensive examination of your mouth. With our low-radiation cone beam CT scanning equipment (CBCT), we get a complete 3D view that empowers us to create a tailored treatment plan. We’ll send these scans to your restorative dentist, minimizing your number of office visits. A critical component of the planning process is guided implant surgery technology. Using nSequence® technology and our in-house 3D printer we preplan your procedure and then complete it at your next appointment with precision and predictability that’s not possible with a “freehand” approach.
Stage 2: Guided Implant Placement
Before we begin your placement procedure, we ensure your comfort and relaxation with sedation options including IV sedation, which allows you to sleep painlessly through your treatment. After you’re sedated, we’re frequently able to offer any preliminary procedures in the same appointment. These may include tooth extractions to make room for your implants and bone grafting to rebuild your jaw after bone loss. We may also employ advanced healing techniques like plasma-rich growth factors (PrGF) and bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) to facilitate a smoother, quicker recovery. Once we complete those treatments, we’ll continue with the implant placement process. We begin by placing your physical surgical guides on top of your gums. These guides have holes that show us exactly where to place your implants. “Placement” means inserting screw-like implants through those holes and into your jawbone, where they’ll stay permanently. Guides make placement foolproof, allowing insertion at just the right location, angle, and depth for a lasting fit and reliable performance. Our practice exclusively uses high-quality implants from leading manufacturers such as Nobel Biocare™, Straumann®, and Zimmer. We’ll finish your procedure by putting on temporary prosthesis so you can smile fully and enjoy meals and more while your gums and jaws heal.
Stage 3: Final Restorations and a Limitless Future
Once your implant sites have fully healed, you’ll go to your restorative dentist to have your temporary restorations removed and final restorations put on your implants. Expect sturdy, natural-looking bridges that you’ll be proud to have as your new teeth. The combination of the implant foundation we provided and your final restorations will enable you to fully enjoy life again. Eat your favorite foods. Speak clearly and without embarrassment. Smile confidently. What you do is up to you!
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A Healthy, Whole Smile Within Your Budget!

We’ve enlisted the services of several major third-party financing companies, including LendingClub® and CareCredit®, to help you afford the treatment you need through flexible monthly payment plans. Our staff can assist you in setting up your account with any of these companies. We can also provide in-house financing as an alternative. We’re also participating providers with numerous dental and medical insurance plans and will strive to get you the fullest benefit that your plan allows. As the premier provider of full mouth dental implants in Plainview, Massapequa, and Levittown, NY, making you smile again is both our mission and our pleasure!

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